Do you ever find yourself getting bored of looking at the same old scenery when you work out? With Virtual Active, you can now exercise and look at some of the most stunning scenery, cities and landscapes the world can offer. For example, users can explore the Grand Canyon, run through the tropics of Hawaii or even sprint Sin City's streets. With the mock-journeys Virtual Active imitates, users are left feeling worlds away when they workout.

Virtual Active is a suite of video-based interactive workouts integrated onto all CV machines within the gym. Nearly every one of the senses will be kept engaged as your muscles work out in the world of stunning terrain shown on screen. The workouts truly capture the essence of the scenery shown. Furthermore, the incline of the machine will also match the current incline of the terrain on screen, so you'll really feel like you're part of the scene on screen.

In addition to this, all of the Virtual Active equipment is speed interactive. When you speed up or slow down, the video playback rate will adjust accordingly and match your pace, creating a truly innovative experience for every user. To find out more about our gym membership contact us.