Studio cycling classes provide fast-paced and vigorous workouts. Not only are they fantastic for increasing muscle strength and endurance, but each class can also burn up to 750 calories!

Taking place in an indoor cycling-tailored studio, users can expect a vibrant class with special lighting and music settings. Group Cycling takes place with an experienced instructor, who will guide you through the various stages of the workout, keeping it exciting, fresh and challenging.

myride+® is an indoor cycling workout experience with exciting high resolution virtual scenery. From world famous cycle tracks and breath-taking mountain landscapes, to inner city streetscapes and desert terrain, myride+® allows the user to experience adventure while getting a fantastic workout.

Over 50 myride+ classes are pre-programmed every week with a virtual instructor giving you support and encouragement. Both myride+® and indoor cycling classes are adrenaline-packed, endorphin-fuelled experiences which are as addictive as they are effective.

So what are you waiting for? To experience myride+ call a member of the health club team.