This class has been designed to improve your stamina and burn fat through coordinated exercise moves set to fast-paced music. This class is perfect for those used to regular exercise or for anyone looking to improve their coordination.

Body Attack

Expect a simple but intense workout. Based upon interval training (which involves varying the length and pace of workout stages) this class combines energetic moves with fast-paced music. A fantastic fat burn and stamina-building session, Body Attack is suitable for all fitness levels.

Body Pump

Through a specifically designed barbell system, this class incorporates weights into a pre-choreographed athletic workout. Set to motivational and powerful music, this is a great group class that improves muscle definition and builds overall strength. A challenging class, it is advised that those wishing to try Body Pump have a fairly high stamina level and are used to regular exercise.

Body Step

This class is perfect for both the brain and the body. An energized step workout, Body Step is sure to keep your mind focused, burn plenty of calories and improve body coordination. Body Step is suitable for all fitness abilities.

Studio Cycling

A workout on stationary bikes, from climbing to sprinting you will be working on your endurance, strength and speed to burn some major calories, pumping music and motivating instructors is all you need to get you through this class.

Aqua Aerobics

A workout in the water, which provides resitance against your muscles, for an effective workout that supports the body and reduces the risk of muscle or joint injury, while having fun.


Legs, Bums and Tums is an all-time favourite exercise workout which focuses on those troublesome areas that can be prone to weight-gain. The movements practised in this session are designed to tone up your thighs, hips, bottom and stomach so you can say goodbye to the wobble and hello to a lean and gorgeous lower body and core. LBT is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Teen Cardio

Teen Cardio is the ideal session for under 16s who are keen to use the gym equipment to achieve a good level of cardiovascular fitness and improved muscle tone. Conducted by our professional and experienced gym instructor, Teen Cardio ensures that each participant gets a workout tailored for them and is able to use the equipment under the watchful eye of a skilled fitness trainer. Teen Cardio is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Body Combat

Body Combat is a fun fusion of a number of different martial arts practised in time to funky music. A great way to keep fit, relieve frustrations and relax, Body Combat empowers the mind and refreshes the body. Suitable for all, especially those looking for a fast-paced class, which incorporates simple-to-follow choreography.


Zumba is the popular group fitness to music class, which has taken the world by storm. A combination of Latin moves, chart-topping tracks and engaging choreography, Zumba is not only a fat-blasting, muscle-firming routine, but also offers participants an incredibly fun fitness session! Zumba is suitable for all fitness levels, especially those looking for fast-paced and occasionally challenging choreography.